Verdicts and Settlements

Results Obtained in NY & NJ

Post -Verdict Settlement

A young lady fell on a run-down staircase causing a back injury

Pre-verdict settlement

Intersection accident, Defendant ran a red light causing Plaintiff’s back injury


Plaintiff was rear-ended and caused back and neck injuries


Wrongful Death in aviation crash

Pre -Verdict Settlement

A bicyclist was knocked down by a van causing neck injury

Pre-Trial Settlement

A bus rear-ended a vehicle on a highway in which Plaintiff was a passenger, causing back injury to Plaintiff


Plaintiff was making deliveries when a piece of debris fell off the building’s roof causing head injury

Pre-verdict settlement

Plaintiff’s neck and back got hurt in a sideswipe collision


Plaintiff was a passenger in a car rear-ended by the Defendant, accident exacerbated Plaintiff’s old back injury

Post-Verdict Settlement

A driver got spine injuries after a sideswipe collision


An Elderly Plaintiff’s car was rear-ended by an MTA bus causing and exacerbating back injuries


A bicyclist hit at an intersection causing leg injuries

Settled Before Trial

Defendant made a Left Turn Causing Car Accident, Plaintiff Sustained back injury


Plaintiff was stopped at a red light when a car ran a red light, hit another car and both ricocheted into Plaintiff’s vehicle causing neck injury to the Plaintiff


Plaintiff slipped and fell on ice causing leg injury